Vatech Enhances AI in Dental Diagnostic Solutions

May 31 • 2 minute read

Vatech, a leading player in the dental medical device sector, is embarking on the development and implementation of various AI technologies to aid in dental diagnosis.

Example of using AI to estimate clinically relevant anatomical clinical structures (left), AI 3D Segmentation tech (right).

Firstly, Vatech is advancing AI-based 3D dental segmentation technology. Through a collaborative effort with Ewoosoft (, a dental software company, and Eyes of AI, an AI company specializing in 3D CBCT segmentation technology, Vatech aims to jointly research and develop AI technology for estimating various clinical tissue areas, including teeth, using the results of artificial neural network system training. Ewoosoft specializes in dental software that enables viewing of X-ray diagnostic images, while Eyes of AI is renowned for its expertise in 3D CBCT segmentation technology, possessing a wealth of separable clinical structural information.

Vatech seeks to enhance the accuracy of 3D dental segmentation technology by leveraging the abundant CBCT data owned by Eyes of AI. Through collaboration, Vatech anticipates accurately segmenting a wider range of clinical structures such as teeth, roots, and nerves using AI.

Visualized anatomical information obtained through AI segmentation facilitates more precise information provision for procedures like implant surgery and nerve therapy. Vatech also plans to implement AI for additional functionalities, such as generating virtual patients to assist in dental treatment and counseling. Integration with commercially available services for detecting conditions such as dental caries, inflammation, and tumors will allow viewing of AI detection results directly in the viewer.

Furthermore, Vatech is developing AI technologies for image noise reduction and image resolution enhancement.

Seong-il Choi, head of research at Vatech, stated, “As a leading company in the global dental CT market, Vatech is accelerating the development and implementation of various AI technologies to enhance the accuracy of dental diagnosis and treatment convenience.”

He added, “We aim to reduce the time spent on treatment preparation, enabling dentists to devote more time to improving the quality of dental treatment and services.”

About Vatech

Vatech ( manufactures and sells a full lineup of dental imaging products covering the entire dental diagnostic equipment market, from Intra Oral X-Ray devices to High-end CT scanners, as well as software for image diagnosis and patient counseling.

Vatech, the market leader in the domestic dental imaging market and the global leader in dental CT, developed the first dental X-ray equipment.

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